Thursday, 31 July 2008

Look, a car!

As a kid I built nothing but cars with Lego. Well, except when I played space. Or castle. Or pirates... Anyway, I built a lot of cars, trucks and the like. I was a boy after all. And although I fancy more imaginative creations today I still take pleasure in building something that goes wrooom! once in a while.

In his comment to the first post of this blog my dad said something about a T3 Bulli. A Bulli is what the Volkswagen Van is called by it's german fans, T3 referring to the third model from 1979-1992 – the car my dad happens to own. To be precise, he owns one of the 2500 "Limited Last Edition" Multivan models from 1992. It's red and it's blocky – I knew what to do. So here is the result.



Last Volkswagen to be rear-engined by the way. The round thing up front covers the spare wheel.

It was quite a fun build. The detachable upper part wasn't intended at first, but with all the SNOTing (?) going on it sort of happened by accident.

Lots of pics on Brickshelf.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The basics of survival

After years of nuclear winter, a simple plant is worth a fortune.
This vignette is my entry for the Picking up the Pieces Contest on flickr, where I just opened an account. See the gallery and read more about post-apocalyptic gardening. You can also spot my blockbird and his new profession there.

Blockbird on my desk

Sitting there at my desk, lost in thought, randomly assembling some bricks ... when suddenly I see this little chap sitting on top of my small-parts-box, looking at me kinda reproachfully.

He's been staying for quite a while now and I begin to think I'll have to find a use for the little blockbird. After all, his motionless stare starts to annoy me ...