Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Robin wants to join the cool surfer gang!

Hooray, Robin hurls himself into his first great adventure! Joining the wildly popular surfer gang! Well equipped our hero dashes down the beach to check out the scene and make his appearance.

See for yourself: Here's the gallery.

Fun fact: This scene instantly sprang to my mind when I thought about using the torso and legs of Spongebob's buddy Patrick in a different context. It pretty much started from there...

Coming up: The Adventures of Robin, World's lamest Superhero

It all started this spring. A couple of friends with a brilliant taste for presents got me the awesome Batcave set for birthday. My fellow blogmate Flo and me took all night to build it and had a lot of fun, which basically was the point of it.

One little thing though utterly touched us: The hilarious wackiness of Batman's Sidekick, Robin, both as character and minifig. Of cause we knew him before, but here he was suddenly right in front of us, all shiny and moronic! His goofy hairstyle and silly smile, the disconcerting colour scheme of his outfit, the painfully awkward ride he uses in the set...

It occured to us that night that such a lame superhero deserves to be punished! Such beeing the case we hereby officially kick off a new MOC theme called "The Adventures of Robin, World's lamest Superhero" – and we mean every single capital letter.

Wait for it!

Monday, 26 May 2008


Although the weekend didn't turn out to be overly fruitful, I at least managed to build these little guys:

More Pics on Brickshelf

I don't know why I am so fond of microscale, it just turns out to look ravishing, even after only a few parts assembled and since I bought some minifigs at the legoshop in hamburg, which happen to be allowed to carry as much tools and gadge
ts as one can stick into their tiny hands and since my fellow blogmate Moritz assured me that the shop's staff didn't mind a little creativity when combining several parts into rather wild, out-of-proportion-blown SUPERTOOLS/SUPERGADGETS - I by now possess like ten closed wrenches, 5 or 6 screwdrivers and other very useful microscale-parts.

With this macroscale sentence, I conclude with today's post and hope to post something bigger next time, maybe justrightscale.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

VanShrapnell is on the loose again

Damn it, I'm late! Work's a bitch, but now I managed to pull off a decent creation worthy this neat little brand new part of the internet called beauty and the brick.

VanShrapnell is on the loose again!

Chosen mad Scientist of the year according to last april's issue of the infamous "It's alive!!!-magazine", VanShrapnell managed to escape from royal custody and is about to play some seriously disturbed jokes on the townfolks.

More Pics on brickshelf

Obviously, the walker is incredibly fragile and couldn't be played with for a second, it was even hard to pose this thing for shooting - but I instantly fell in love with the grotesque, sheer legs and just had to do it. As usual the bots were pretty much a byproduct and just happened along the build, I like the way they enhance the walker's scale.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Doctor Dreadful and the Mechanical Monkey Machine

Here it comes, the first post in our brandnew blog. Since I started taking pictures of my Lego creations a while ago, I was gonna post them chronologically. But my collection has grown steadily over the past few months and frankly, the old MOCs (?) wouldn't make a good start. So screw chronological order and start with the latest piece of fun:

Doctor Dreadful and his monstrous steam-powered monkey walker. The townfolks are shocked but still impressed as the famous and feared Doctor takes his latest invention for a test ride. Complete with two steam boilers, the inevitable number of valves, gauges, gears and some brassy stuff. Oh, and a clever Banan-o-Vision® device to keep the monkey dedicated to it's noble endeavour.

This started out as an experiment on how much stuff one can add to a monkey figure. Note that everything in this machine ist attached exclusively to the monkey. Each limb holds one of the walker's legs, all the rest is connected to it's tail and stomach. Poor monkey.

Click here to see the complete gallery.