Thursday, 22 May 2008

VanShrapnell is on the loose again

Damn it, I'm late! Work's a bitch, but now I managed to pull off a decent creation worthy this neat little brand new part of the internet called beauty and the brick.

VanShrapnell is on the loose again!

Chosen mad Scientist of the year according to last april's issue of the infamous "It's alive!!!-magazine", VanShrapnell managed to escape from royal custody and is about to play some seriously disturbed jokes on the townfolks.

More Pics on brickshelf

Obviously, the walker is incredibly fragile and couldn't be played with for a second, it was even hard to pose this thing for shooting - but I instantly fell in love with the grotesque, sheer legs and just had to do it. As usual the bots were pretty much a byproduct and just happened along the build, I like the way they enhance the walker's scale.


Moritz said...

Okay, so MY walker wasn't just filigree and unstable enough, WAS it? I sure am jealous of your parts collection.

Anonymous said...

This is putting me out of my pants! Well good thing I normally don´t wear any pants.

- Dr. B.