Friday, 15 August 2008

The end has come...and gone by.

Of all the different themes in the legoverse, postapoc is by far my favorite. I'll read books written by illiterates, watch movies so bad they make you consider a lobotomy; as long as they feature the world going down - I'm in.

Disasters, plagues, wars, evil forces, outer horrors; it's sick but I can't get enough of such pulp fiction. And so I'm pretty happy to present you the Monoraiders, three guys and a tire:

Besides watching the world burn, I'm also very fond of the insane but strangely attractive concept of the monowheel. If you also think that this world's can't take a joke-physics justify judgment day, click here for more pics on flickr.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Streeeeeeaamliner 2000

I'm really not into cars - never liked them too much, can't tell them apart from each other and most important, don't own a driver's license. None of the above stopped me from participating in the earlier mentioned Lego Creativity Challenge, although the rules might seem a little stretched in the eyes of a purist:

The butt:

If you're a purist and enjoy rampaging, click here for more.

Retro Future

Now what the hell is retro future? Ever seen a popular science magazine from the 50's or 60's? That's what retro future is. Think of this, or this or this. Get it?
Since we talk about Lego here, you probably wanna see what Chrispockster over at flickr has to say about it, and of cause gambort again, whom I intrduced before related to cave racing. The awesomeness of that great creations is just inspiring.

So here goes my first attempt, the Atomic Cruiser. I built it for this weeks Lego Creativity Challange. It's a little clumsy, but I like it anyway :-)

Fazoooom! More to see at my flickr gallery.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Back, back, back.

Under the soothing influence of my fellow blogmate, I finally managed to pull of the first decent creation in weeks - the curse is broken! Some pics on my new flickr-account.

First this suit's purpose was aerial armed reconnaissance, the usual militaristic futuristic crap I'm so fond of. But during the build things quickly took a step towards the inane - therefore the brain instead of a minifig's face - and now the thing resides somewhere between white fantasy (evil brain) and fatuos horros from outer space (damaged brain).

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Gay Pride

Two things happened last week: I bought the incredible Dwarf Mine and went to see the Cristopher Street Day parade in Hamburg. Both was/is a lot of fun and this vignette was just inevitable.