Friday, 13 June 2008

About Cave Racing

Are you familiar with Cave Racing? Then just skip the text and enjoy the pics.

But I guess most of you have never seen a Cave Racer before, so I try to sum it up for you. Cave Racing is a theme probably created by Tim Gould, known as gambort on flickr. A Cave Racer is best described as a motorized flying vehicle for poeple who consider, say, overpowered racing motorbikes just not dangerous enough.
Racing through the depths of caves the presumably suicidal pilot hangs behind the vessel, clutching some kind of handlebar to steer the thing. Like race cars, Cave Racers are all about style, power, speed and risk, often combined with hilarity. And they require a special set of items like wings, an engine of cause, hover thingies and they really schould be ribbed for pleasure. Gambort himself explains this point-blank in his great Cave Racer Building Guide.
If you browse flickr you will find tons of well-designed models by different builders in lots of different styles, shapes and sizes. But enough for the theory, here are the Cave Racers I've built so far.

Small Cave Racer for beginners.

Lean but powerful. And my only Cave Racer so far with a colour scheme to speak of...

Batmans Cave Racer

Robins Cave Racer

Taking Cave Racing straight to the next level of insanity...

There's even more to see, for example two entrys for a Cave Racer contest, where a shovel, a spear and an animal as pilots are required.


Anonymous said...

Cave Racers? Maybe as an elite squadron of doom for an unexpected hit and run, a precise tool menace.
Is there any possability you could think something up like a transnuclear-subwarp-tachionray-satellitesystem to bring down massdestruction and mayhem one the world?
Maybe we could emit the tachionray by modifying the shieldphalanx...

Yours affectionate,
Dr. B.

Nelia said...

Good for people to know.