Friday, 15 August 2008

The end has come...and gone by.

Of all the different themes in the legoverse, postapoc is by far my favorite. I'll read books written by illiterates, watch movies so bad they make you consider a lobotomy; as long as they feature the world going down - I'm in.

Disasters, plagues, wars, evil forces, outer horrors; it's sick but I can't get enough of such pulp fiction. And so I'm pretty happy to present you the Monoraiders, three guys and a tire:

Besides watching the world burn, I'm also very fond of the insane but strangely attractive concept of the monowheel. If you also think that this world's can't take a joke-physics justify judgment day, click here for more pics on flickr.


Moritz said...

Oh my gaaawwwwd! Hilarity, awesome part usage, maximum style. NOW I hate you!!!

flo said...

Don't. This wheel doesn't spin as well, hihi.

Ken said...

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